Used, non working GF Plus, selling for PARTS. Make offer

I have a used Glowforge Plus that is no longer functional. I believe it is the tube. It has been unused for over a year and packed up and stored.
I hooked it all back to see if it works, and the tube is not firing.
It moves, focuses and goes thru all the motions, but the tube stays dark, then goes to a orange (yellow??) light after 10 seconds or so. It has been in storage for a little over a year.

  1. I bought (received) the Glowforge Plus July 27th, 2021.
  2. I received my newer, larger machine on Sept 6, 2022, which is when I packed up the Glowforge back in its original box (packed per instructions) and stored in a storage shed. (it worked when I packed it up.)
  3. I am located in East Texas

Make me an offer.


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