Used testing draftboard


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So in the off chance someone’s get all used up testing, would they be sent a new sheet?


The official policy may or may not allow it but I can tell you so far that Support is going the extra mile to keep customers happy with respect to materials. I’ve been pleased with their response.

Guessing it would be on a case by case basis. I used 4 or 5 sheets of PG early on trying to identify and quantify a problem. But that’s on me. I didn’t even tell them because Support only asked me to cut one ruler.

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I don’t know what to expect. But my guess would be if they ask you to test on :proofgrade:, they could credit your Shop account with the value of a sheet of Draftboard. Seems reasonable. As @rpegg said, it will likely be on a case-by-case basis.


The reason I was being a little vague is because you could probably cut 20 test rulers on a $4 piece of Draftboard. That’s a lot of problems. Cut a couple rulers on the provided free test sheet of Draftboard, and I personally wouldn’t expect a replacement. But that’s the way I think, not Support.


I realize this is purely hypothetical. I wonder if Canon, HP, etc ask you to print on their branded papers in troubleshooting. Their are a ton of variables loaded into a printer when someone selects a paper profile. I know; it’s not exactly the same. Just Monday morning musings from the porch.


I’m sure they do. But certainly give them a call and let us know.
They can’t possibly support 3rd-party paper. If you make your own paper and it doesn’t work well in your HP printer, they can’t be expected to do something about that. They’ll say “Hey… We recommended using HP24521 paper in this printer. You decided to make your own paper, you’re on your own.” Of course, you will find the section in every printer manual that tells you on what paper you should expect the best result.


they also won’t guarantee their machines will print on 3rd party materials, especially anything not within a tight specifications range.

i’ve run a lot of “out of spec paper” on any number of different printers over the past 20 years. I know they won’t support me with problems.

i remember about 7-8 years ago, we were upgrading our xerox color copier. xerox brought me to their color center with my files and paper samples to test out things i had been doing on our old copier on the new machine prior to purchase to make sure it would still do the things I needed. i had printed samples from the old machine and new paper to reprint. there were things i brought with me that made the color reps gasp when i told them i’d run that paper through the machine (and successfully).


If the complaint is the quality of the print for an HP printer, absolutely. If the issue is, does it work or not, then maybe not. Same with GF support. There have been cases where they asked me to print on PG and others where they did not need it. Support is in most cases trying to reduce the number of variables with a fixed test case. Ruler on PG.


sometimes with different substrates, the issue can literally be “will it print or not.”


Sorry - that was a bit dodgy and disingenuous on my part. I knew the answer before I posted, but posited it as a question.


Also sorry. I’m wired to take most things literally. Unless the comment is so obviously illogical that I then consider the possibility of it being wit, sarcasm, snark, etc…


No - you’re exactly right. I think Glowforge is small enough they don’t have to run 100% by a script and can inject some common sense into troubleshooting.


We haven’t talked about it, but thanks for the suggestion!