User account without store access

Is it possible to set up a user that won’t have access to the Glowforge store?

We have a makerspace and would like to set up a general user login but would prefer if the store couldn’t be accessed through the app.

Is this possible?

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Just curious why you wouldn’t issue individual accounts at the makerspace so people can use the forum and store on their own accounts.

I’ve got an account through my makerspace. I do think they should add permissions so that only the admin account can add new users. And possibly a way to lock out other users while the Glowforge is being used. The idea that everyone can access the laser remotely seems questionable.

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We have a number of computers for design but we are setting up only one of them to work with the Glowforge so users will bring their finished file over to the dedicated computer to “print”.

We have found (especially since our membership base starts at the 7th grade level and ranges up to adults), that it is best and safest for machines like these if we set it up to be “unlocked” by the workshop tech. Adults who are certified to use the equipment are given the password for the machine.

It just ensures that the tech is aware that someone is using the equipment that has additional safety concerns and to keep an eye out for potential issues.


Maybe set up a redirect in your hosts file?

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Ah. I see. In our case, you can’t use it if not certified, but once certified, we are trusted to be responsible. But our space is 18+. Either way, there should be permissions. That way you could lock out the store on a general user account. It would solve a lot of different issues for a lot of different cases.

You could also use a browser plug-in such as Stylish to inject custom CSS and/or HTML to hide/remove the links to other pages.
I’ve used it with mostly success here to turn the site into a dark theme and on Amazon to give it a black theme.
I don’t recall who set me on it. But of course it was someone here.

Thanks for asking @michael4.

I see Rita followed up recently on a few other questions. Would you include this in an email to letting us know a little more about what you’re looking for?

Exactly, a bunch of good ideas here though. However for non maker spaces I think there would still be value in being able to add an account and only grant access to certain things as well. For example, I have an 11 year old daughter on a personal machine I might wish to give her an account to store her prints in and keep them separate, but I would not want her to have access to online chat rooms yet.

My use is pretty specific, but I think I’m a personal home environment I can think of a bunch of cases where the same request might make sense as well.


Thank you for following up and for all the suggestions here! I’m going to close this post.

If you have any other questions, please write in to or create a new post.