User cutting nylon

While nylon is listed as a safe material (i.e. no chorine) does it actually cut? I am talking solid nylon not fabric. I 3D print a fair amount of nylon for medical device design, but fine surface texture is probably better with a laser than 3D printer. The nylon I mostly use is 910 if that makes a difference. I know nylon does a nice job with mechanical cutting (tap/die/drill) and haven’t gotten a chance to CNC it yet… Anybody tried this?

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A little searching reveals some folks saying it melts badly, others that the fabric cuts very well. Fwiw, I notice that PETG supposedly cuts well (it’s becoming one of my favorite 3d printing materials).


PETG is my favorite and most used 3d printer filament and I don’t get why it is not more popular. Sure, right plastic for the job but PETG covers quite a bit. About the only time I leave it is for some T-glase or some bridge nylon.

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I think PETG was late to the market, so that many people had already gotten used to PLA and ABS. I’ve been itching to use nylon, but haven’t had a project for it.


I think you’re right. I’m primarily an ABS guy.

There are a lot of cool filaments out there - flexi, ceramic, wood. I’d love to play with them all but I just don’t have the life minutes to spare.

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I haven’t used it(nylon) for a project yet, but, it is good for cleaning crud out of your nozzle.

I have also used PETG, but for medical devices nylon is easy since it is FDA approved for implanted devices, and to say it is insanely strong doesn’t even begin to cover it! I recently tested a part of a device I made as colleagues told me it couldn’t match steel (true but irrelevant) as I ran it over with a 4700lb SUV and then towed the SUV down the street with the part as the middle link of the tow rope and then placed it into an autoclave and repeated the above… It also has the advantage of being 98% as strong in the Z-axis when 3D printed as when injection molded, which is not true of PETG. I do like PETG as well though.


Thats cool and all… but WHAT SUV DO YOU HAVE? 5000 lbs? my gosh. haha

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Heck my Honda Odyssey is 4600 curb! Not hard to get to 5000…

4700+ lbs means it could be a Ford Explorer, Expedition, Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, Dodge Durango, VW Touareg, Mercedes M-Class, Toyota 4Runner, Land Cruiser, Land Rover, Range Rover, Audi Q7, Jeep Grand Cherokee…

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