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Hi everyone. I wanted to thank folks for making such a helpful community. I have found a lot of interesting post from both the Glowforge staff and the members.

I was wondering if there was any talk or plans on showcasing free designs in a more organized fashion with a special “Free Catalog” of sorts. I would think the user could use their profile to show off and/or add their design to a free design area that folks would not have to sift through to find them. I see that there has been efforts made to celebrate the community’s contributions which is cool.

I see a lot of great designs and I can see how much Glowforge offers the community. I felt this was worth chatting about. Thank you to everyone for a great community.


Eventually they might set up a section of the catalog to showcase user submissions - it’s definitely on the list of requests.

In the meantime, the Free Files section is full of goodies!
(Some exceptionally creative folks around here.) It’s worth taking an afternoon to just browse. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree, truly some great stuff. I am looking forward to adding to it.


Love hearing that! Can’t wait to see them! :smile:


Sounds like a great idea but in the mean time the forum search engine is pretty good. Got a member you like? Search @Jules for instance.


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