Using Bucket Tool To Create Vector Images in Inkscape

I found a wonderful tutorial that describes how to use the bucket tool in Inkscape to create vector images.
I learned a whole lot more about the bucket tool in the process, which will come in very handy for cleaning up images. The woman who created the video has a blog that contains a number of other useful articles and links at Ironically, her blog was written for people using vinyl cutters, but she now has a laser cutting business and no longer has time to keep it up.


There are some fun ideas on her site. Thanks.

Bookmarked for later, thanks

Sounds like the paint bucket is a new way to adjust for kerf using the grow shrink option. Might have to give that a try. Could reduce steps in the workflow as using stroke to path you need to break apart then delete one of the vectors. Thanks for the link!

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Wonderful tool to use on making bitmaps to vectors. Wow. This is helpful. Thanks for sharing.