Using fun foam for inserts



So cool. Would need one for the Seahawks and Green Bay around here for my nephew. Thanks for the Xmas idea :smiley:


Absolutely! She gets my vote for sure!


Secret beta with deep discount in return for providing a few months forum support when they go out. :smiling_imp:


Heck yeah…I’d take that!!!


Be careful though - that’s how I wound up with five digital cutters and two 3D printers, and no place to put the laser! ROFL! :smile:


Ive got lots of room…bring it on…


Dollar tree has had quite a few of the plug in led lights (at least here in AZ). The have blue led - this pic is one in pkg and another base with the acrylic removed. (99 cents)

They also have a lot of the ones that use the small xmas clear bulb and just have a cirlce(about 4 inch) that is translucent with a screened print on it (disney or similar). one in the picture is great since it fits a ¼ acrylic piece - just need that GF - the K40 is just giving me so many issues…


I noticed the tab that goes into the base is frosted (or appears to be). Is there a particular reason to etch/frost that-does tit help in diffusing the light?


The base is for 4mm acrylic…I only have the 1/8" so I cut a piece of 1/16" mirror I had too and glued it on the bottom part…fits perfectly snug. :grinning:


The opposite approach works if your material is too thick - an engrave can shave down the portion that fits into to light stand.

You can build up or cut down thickness so you don’t always have to have the “right” material which gives you another arrow in your design quiver.


Such a great idea. I love classy packaging. Thanks for sharing.


I’ve tried cutting craft foam before and it seemed like it shrank almost 1/8" in from the edge and had quite a bit of burn on lighter colors. It was a 100w laser though. Any advice here? I was looking for more dimensional accuracy.


my settings are 30 - 40 power to 8-9 speed You may have been using too much power.
On a 100 wt try 20% pwr and 5-6 speed ratio and work from there…
speed is about 1/4 of the power you use…


Using laser cut foam for inserts is an AMAZING idea! Are there any foam brands we should stay away from as unsafe for Laser cutting?


foam gives me a excuse to make a box for the tools and then make the foam to hold the tools


There are some PVC based ones that I won’t use (the whole chlorine thing :slight_smile:) but this is what I’ve been using from Amazon.

I get 2/3/6mm thick foam. I use 3mm for base layers, 6mm for surrounds and 2mm for tops.

You may be able to get it from A C Moore or Dick Blick’s as well.

I think it’s the same craft foam Stephanie uses but she may have better sources for volume purchases.



Yes, yes, yes! … take it to its logical conclusion … the best reason to buy a new tool, … to fit the foam, that fits the box that Ray made.