Using Google Photos to hold your work

I recently made a discovery that has been giving me fits for some time. :roll_eyes: I had thought that my cell phone camera was very poor as when they traveled the web by way of Google Photos that when I saw them they were low enough resolution that Etsy was complaining,

After a couple of years, I finally looked at the details in Google Photos and the photos were huge. After a bit of freaking out, I discovered that using the simple download most obvious (that I had been using) cut the size so they took up about 1/10 the space in the computer and only by a much more complex path with the short-cut Shift-D would they download at their full size! :flushed:

I donโ€™t know if anyone else has had that problem, but I am posting this to perhaps save others the headache.

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So google photos take the snap in like .tif, but downloads them in a lower rez .jpg format?
I donโ€™t use it, so just asking for clarity.

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Actually I think they take in whatever the original is (mine are either png or jpg) and will give you what it was but only if you ask nicely, Go try and be quick and you get low quality jpg.

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