Using Plexiglass Barriers

I’m a teacher and my school used plexiglass barriers last year on student desks. I would hate to see all that material go to waste. I cut one using medium acrylic settings and they came out pretty nicely. The cuts were a little sticky coming out and much smellier than proofgrade while cutting. Any thoughts on the safety and settings of cutting these?


You’re fine cutting them. It’s extruded acrylic rather than cast. It will not engrave as nicely as cast…and it’s stinkier.


Great! Thank you so much! Did not want to see it all tossed.


Welcome to the forum! Yay for recycling :slight_smile:


It seems that extruded also engraves “clear” as opposed to the cloudy effect that cast gets so you can see the engraving - so it’s great if you’re going to do paint fills, or are just cutting, but not so great if you want to see what you’ve done.

I’m actually curious how that would look as an edge lit acrylic. I wonder if the design would suddenly appear or if the light would just pass through it…hmmmmmm


This pessimist can’t help but think “you might want to hang on to those barriers…”


I tried using extruded for an edge lit a long time ago…it looked awful. Of course, could have been ‘me’ and my lack of design knowledge at the time. It also could have been a very poor product I was using. Too long ago to remember any of it…but, I know I vowed to never use it again for engraving.


Yup, starting with the broken pieces. I am in Florida.

Really though, there are so many broken pieces they’ll last the year.


YAY for you being a teacher; thanks for recycling…ooooh, class project? and, welcome to the forum!


Have you had any success with this project? Would love an update! Thanks

We haven’t done a ton since the smell is so bad. We’ll do some more eventually when we can run it outside, but here is a sample of one of the projects we did. The kids found leaf samples on campus and made displays for them.

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