Using the proofgrade once its been cut

we just got the glow forge last night and i accidentally cut my first project out right in the center of the board. my question is, can i use the the rest of the material with this missing in the middle. wasn’t sure if it would hurt it.

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Absolutely, keep using it until it is used up. Just place your projects where there is wood.
I saw scraps down for more convenent storage. If the QR is gone, just select what you have from the pull down menue.


Thanks So much!

Yep. Only issue is ensuring the material is held down very flat to the crumbtray. I use thin magnets, others use hold down pins.


Everybody here has a scrap box (or two) of small pieces too large to toss.
They do get used eventually (mostly).

But even so, now and again, you have The Agony.
That is when you finally realize you have way more scraps than is reasonable and do an agonizing triage of the entire pile.
My goal during The Agony is usually to get the larger or less common materials to all fit in one scrap box.

What you do with the losers of The Agony is up to you. Viking camp fire (music optional). Fireplace tinder. Or just another baggy in the garbage bin.

If you cannot bring yourself to throw it away, task one of the kids to do it (they are innocent and will have no remorse over what they are doing).


Yup and everyone has different standards. I find I can postpone the big Agony by doing a bit of triage right along. Last night, for instance, I had a project going that was to use a bunch of pieces that were relatively small so every time I picked up a piece that was too small and I could not immediately think of a future use for got chucked. So between making good use of my scrap and well, scraping some of it I whittled down the pile quite a bit.


I need to get more organized. I have 3 different piles right now, which doesn’t make things easy. A pile by my work bench, a pile by my glow forge, which is on the opposite side of the room, and a pile of “virgin” wood sitting in the middle of the room. I can totally relate to the Agony as well. I am a pack rat and have only thrown away about 2 or 3 boards , and those were ones that were almost 95% used. About half my piles probably have 15-20% of usable space left. Ugh.


Pretty soon, you’ll have a box full of scraps that are potentially just big enough to be useful. :slight_smile:

I use my scraps frequently to make little doo-dads, oft engraving a logo or something on them as a quick gift for a guest or a business.

One hint: Keep the PG barcode with the scraps of that type of PG. That way, when you are using the scraps, you can slap down the PG barcode and have the GF auto-recognize what you are using. You can, of course, also manually specify the PG material in use by clicking the little doohickey in the upper left of the GF UI.


great idea! thank you!

One should never have “scrap Proofgrade.” :wink: