UV printer factory tour

This is really interesting. I know nothing about UV printing, so this was pretty enlightening.



My Glowforge is purely a personal use/hobby machine, but when I got it I started seeing what other equipment is used for customizing, sign making, etc. I’d love to have a UV printer but they’re so damned expensive. Especially for something I’d use twice a year.

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I saw the original YouTube video of this and thought, I bought a laser, maybe I could get one of these. I was sad to find out they’re much more expensive than what glowforge offers :disappointed_relieved:

In other words, Glowforge should jump on the cheaper hobby UV printers wink wink


I’m working on the wiring for my MPCNC today. I sure could have used their wire harness tools.

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Reminds me of laser cutters before they became affordable for hobbyists (thanks GF!). Would love to have one of these some day – would be a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

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So cool! Please help me convince @dan that we should add a UV printer to our lineup because I’d love to design a desktop one! :slight_smile:


Shoot, I was hoping one was already in the works! :wink:

I was thinking a finishing head for the glowforge to turn it into a spray booth as my spray booth is the outside: too cold, too hot, too humid, raining, random bits of flora and fauna landing in the paint/poly. But your idea would work too.

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