V carve pro vs Inkscape

Just got me GF pro. I’m a bit familiar designing on V carve pro as I have a Xcarve CNC. I know I don’t have to use Inkscape as recommended by GF but can I use Vcarve pro? If so… How ??? Thanks

If it will export as PDF or SVG, then you are good to go.


You will want Inkscape as well for handleing raster items but yes, use Vcarve all you want, it is a great program.

Put cuts on one (or more) layers and scores on another in different colors. When you are done, simply export the SVG insted of proceding to the toolpathing.


You can do raster manipulation in VCarve Pro too. Don’t think you can trace it and convert to a vector though.

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I’m talking about inbeding and such. I’ll have to take a look.

Heehee. Wrong GF. :blush: embedding?

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