V Stand for Photography

I do product photography now and then, and sometimes having a little unobtrusive stand to prop up items, or prevent round things from rolling, is essential. So I made one in clear acrylic! I used the boxes.py website to generate something with mating tabs and slots, using the material measurements (3.08mm thickness, 0.075mm kerf compensation), and then snagged just the tabs and slots in Illustrator to piece together the design. (It can be a bit fiddly due to the way boxes.py generates lines - zoom in lots if you do this.)

There’s a regular one and a short version. It’s a close fit with Proofgrade medium acrylic, and I used some Weld-On #3 to glue them up in a flash.

Hope someone finds them useful :slight_smile:

These are the SVG files (Edited to make them show up!)





wow. a pentax lens.

sometimes i feel like i’m the only pentax person left.


Pentax glass is great!

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Nope. I still have a K-1000 purchased in 1981. Perfect for long-exposure astrophotography.


Very nice! Thank you for sharing your files!

between my wife and i we have three K1000s. one of hers she thought was broken and replaced it, but saved the old one for parts. mine was 1978. :slight_smile:

still have a pz1p film body as well as my k100d and my k5.

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Well, that looks useful. Thanks!

Sweet! :grinning:

Very nice and useful, thanks! I’ll be cutting these for my equipment.

Here’s the files a bit bigger so folks can find them. (You might also consider posting them in the files section). When you upload the files, you can change the size by adjusting the numbers found in the file info here
…"-stand-short-01|20x11] " <<<<< I changed them from 20x11 to 600x500



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Ah, thanks! This is good to know.

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Great idea, nice work! Acrylic is fun to work with.

Since I have a digital in my pocket, I haven’t used this thing for a decade now, I wonder what I should do with it.

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