Valentine alternative for school friends

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The first pic shows the designs on the bed. There are between 10 and 8 designs across the ~18" of used material. That’s 1.8-2.25" wide depending on each design. Four rows across ~10", so 2.5" tall.

Hope that helps.


Yes you are right. I tried to keep them all around 2" tall but reduced some (like the star) if they looked too huge. I just wanted to be sure I could get the number I needed to cut on one sheet.

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Yoshied be very proud of the job you did!

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is it possible to get these from you as well? I have two boys in school who love mario and wanted to do something fun for their classes.

As noted in this thread, it is against forum rules to ask for files.

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A great idea! Toadally awesome!

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