Valentine’s Day gift - Magic the Gathering deck box - NOW w/pics!

My BF and I have been MTG players for years. He actually taught me when we started dating. After awhile, I would play with friends during lunch and my favorite deck to play was his Bait & Bludgeon, a blue/black/artifact deck. Well, it looks like it’s been thru the wars and he always reminds me about how poorly I treated it.

So for Valentine’s Day this year, I managed to find a new unwrapped B&B deck for a decent price. Felt it needed a deck box to go with it.

Here the pics:


There are some definite things i will change when making another box.

  1. Top lid needs to be longer to adjust for the magnet to close properly.
  2. Two magnets farther apart on lid and box to not mess up the images.
  3. Predrilled holes. This is a must.

On a side note: The signal where i work sucks and my phone hates me.


Thank you, it’s a cranky thing from an iphone.

I LOLed at “I’d tap that” :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL! Looks great! :grinning:

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