Valuable real estate


My laser pantry is small enough anyway, and I really can’t stand seeing wires, cords, and cables sticking out all over the place.This power strip on my desk was taking up valuable real estate. Glowria and I made this PG draftboard, open-backed box to hide the power strip and give me some more shelf space. I may paint it…or not…but either way, I’m happy.

Control that cable clutter

Looks great just like that! And love the added shelf space you recapture with it! :grinning::+1:


That’s great! You might want to cut some air holes on the back side (or leave it open). You don’t want those plugs overheating…


Thanks :smiley:…it’s already open in the back, so I could push it up as close as possible to the window sill. It’s essentially only a three sided box…one end, the top, and the length.


I’ll post the picture of my desktop cable box I made. Great for keeping those pesky charging cables, etc all nice and tidy.


Wooops! Missed that! :laughing:


Plus the cover makes a great stand to display your projects! :slight_smile:


What @dan said…and…, I shall always remember “The Farting Christmas Tree”… nuff said.:christmas_tree:


like when your parents tell you to clean your room… just hide it.