Vector barely engraving

So this is a weird one. I have a file I made that seems to not want to engrave. This is what it does when I try to engrave. (hard to see but that sould be the right panel being engraved)

87 power, 170, 1000 speed.

Its gotta be the file. (it cuts just fine)

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You’ve got two white filled rectangles under the text…try removing the fill in those rectangles.


I also wonder about the 170 LPI. That’s pretty low for a 1.5mm wide line, that’s if the white rectangles were ignored as a separate operation.


Hey @JeremyNielsen,

Were you able to figure this out with @marmak3261 or @Jules 's tips?

Are you still having issues getting this printed like you expect?

Yes!! Figure it out. I have accidentally pasted the same design three times over on top of each other and didn’t realize. Deleted the other two unneeded ones and it works like a charm! It was late and sloppily put together file.

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I’m glad it was an easy fix!

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