Vector Creating Apps for Android?

I have a 10 year old bulky laptop and holding out replacing it until next year. I will eventually get a 2 in 1. However, I’ve been getting busier and have less time to design vectors because I’m out and about.

The dream is to carry a light device with pen capably and design on Illustrator on the fly. Since I decided to wait on new hardware, I would like to use the tablet for simple designs.

I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet. Any good SVG / Vector apps for andriod?

I use Adobe Illustrator Draw on my iPad and it is also available for Android, though I haven’t used that version. I’d assume it’s mostly the same. It is great for mobile sketching, and I believe others here use it, too.

However, to get drawings off the tablet, you either have to share them back to your desktop/laptop instance of Illustrator or Photoshop (which works great, but requires you to have either app), or there’s a rather obtuse way to view your Creative Cloud files on the web and from there try to grab what you need.

They don’t support Android as well as iPad. Don’t know why :expressionless:

Adobe develops all their desktop products in and for OS X first, then ports them to Windows. Since iOS is standardized across almost all iDevices, it’s cheaper and easier to develop mobile apps for them. Android, otoh, is so fragmented across devices, they should have called it Mandelbrot. Not engaging in OS holy wars – its just an artifact of their development model.


That’s a shame. :frowning: They go where the larger market it, is suppose.

Yes, and I prefer illustrator. Until I get that 2 in 1, need to find a decent vector app to fill in the gap on the andriod