Vector engrave not all engraving

As convenient as the copy/paste workflow is, this is one of the reasons I don’t engrave from vectors directly. You have to cross your fingers and trust that they will be rasterized on the Glowforge server to come out exactly the way you want, and the more complex the drawing is, the more chance there is for something to go wrong.

Whereas if you rasterize in Illustrator, you can be sure of the exact bitmap that will be used, with no shenanigans.

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yeah, i think i’m going to try to raster this and see how that goes next.

i usually have it set up in inches. and before i copy/pasted everything, i was saving in PDF, not SVG. but i think raster may be the way to go here.

but you guys all have me rethinking whether i should be copy/pasting in the future. at least with anything that’s not fairly simple.

copy/paste from AI into the GFUI has never worked for me. Sounds like it would just piss me off though.
for your crest file, I just tried doing a Simplify operation at 98% curve precision, and It took the node count from 49,673 down to 3,216 without distorting the image much at all.
With files like this, that have way more nodes than they need, I almost always try Simplify to start (around 95%-99% precision) to see if the results are acceptable.

it took less than 10 seconds to process in the GFUI, and looked like it came though fine, although I didn’t run the print. No weird thick lines though.


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