Vector Shape Overlap Error


Wondering how to fix this issue with an engrave. On the left is the vector art work with overlapping shapes for the symmetry design. On the right is how it cut. It left out the areas where to shapes overlap. Q: Dose anybody know how to fix this issue? Should I just make that part of the design a bitmap. How big of image would work best for engraving in pixels? Thanks

Which design app are you using? If Inkscape, it’s:
Break apart, Ungroup, Union.

β‡§βŒ˜C, β‡§βŒ˜G, ⌘+

(Substitute Ctrl for ⌘ on Windoze.)


You have to weld /union these together (in your design program) into one object. The laser gets cancelled out by overlapping areas.


If the machine engraves the same place twice it will go twice as deep which could cause fires even so it will not cut any engrave if it overlaps another. the best way to fix that is to use Path-Union in Inkscape or whatever it is called in another system and make it all one shape.

@eflyguy and @beerfaced have the answer, but I want to mention you can also turn it into a bitmap to avoid any engraving weirdness, because what you see with a bitmap is exactly what you get with no hidden surprises. I save my master files as vectors and then upload the final engravings as a PNG with a transparent background, but JPG works fine too.


Thanks everyone! That answers my questions. Good to know how GF treats overlapping Vectors. I’m working in Illustrator and 3D Studio Max.

In Illustrator it is, select all parts, Pathfinder, Unite. Perfect. Thanks again.


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