Vectr pros and cons

Has anyone here used the app?

I see it’s ability to be used online as a big plus for anyone who finds themselves at a computer that doesn’t allow downloading Inkscape. So far it looks like a simple program but better than nothing!


EDIT: Wow, never mind. it’s a bit too simple.


I’ve used it before - its nice in a pinch

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it’s not free but for single purpose use i haven’t found much better:


We’ve had a few folks use Google Drawings to create SVGs with good results - but it’s very basic.


I did not know about Google Drawings. I could see how it could be used in a pinch. I reminds me of the drawings you can do in PowerPoint.

Thanks for pointing it out to me. It might be a good starting point for the kids.

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I’ve been using vectr with my students b/c:

a) it works well on chromebooks
b) it allows sizing of objects (which you can’t do in google drawings)
c) you can create text and export text elements as PNG (for engraving)
d) students can layout the entire design and then export portions by doing the export-> selection option.

One thing I’ve noticed, though, is that even though I have objects that are different colors in vectr, these are still grouped together in the GFUI as a single operation. Does anyone know why?

What format are you exporting to?

If you upload a sample file, I’m sure someone can help get it sorted out. Might be best to start a new thread though detailing the problem (with a sample file). If you want an officials trouble ticket, #problems-and-support would be the best category. If you want just general help, #beyond-the-manual oughta work ok.