Vending Machine!

I needed to make a vending machine to vend 3 matchboxes for a puzzle in one of my Escape Rooms. So… I designed one. I used the infamous to create the basic box, but then modified it a lot in Illustrator to add panels and a coin tray. It has a proper coin-acceptor (about US$19) and is run by an ESP-12e 8266 microprocessor ($6). The mechanics for vending the boxes is a 360° servo (like $3?) controlled by the 8266 chip, which also sends the vending data (how many coins they’ve put in etc) over WiFi to the room’s controlling software, using the MQTT protocol (the same system most ‘home automation’ devices use). It’s supposed to be from a previous decade, so I’ve left some of the scorch marks on the wood. It’s powered by a 12v DC adapter.


Wow. go big or go home. Great first post.


lol. Heh, I’ve been holding back for a while. Now that the ice is broken, I’ll have a bunch to post.


This reminds me of a pencil vending machine we had in my elementary school. Obviously far less high tech, but a box that dispensed something in exchange for money is probably going to look similar no matter what it dispenses. Awesome job, another project that makes me want to learn programming!


Welcome to the forum. Terrific 1st post.


That is AMAZING!
What a unique use case!
I can’t wait to see other examples of your work!


Marveling at your ingenuity!


This is the first time you’re posting and you present a BESPOKE VENDING MACHINE!!???!!!???

There’s no “we’re not worthy”/“bowing and scraping” emoji, but there should be.

Well done!


Welcome I hope you have an escape route out.

Love it. Funny enough, I have one of those coin acceptors just looking for a use.

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Wow! Now that’s “making”. Great job!


Matches, dispensed from a wooden box? Better be a friction-free payload delivery system! :smile:

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I think “holding back” might be an understatement. Looking forward to seeing what else you’ve got up your sleeve.

Wow! That would make an awesome Instructable if you haven’t already. Can’t wait to see what else you cook up.

I want to make this sooooo bad!! Awesome!!!

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Very cool.

attached is an etching on plywood I’ve done.


I do believe this has to be the best Glowforge art piece I have ever seen. Beyond gorgeous