Veneer and other products sold out

I just received my Glowforge yesterday (4/7/21). I am very disappointed that I am unable to purchase the items through shop. Similar topics are locked and I cannot open for discussion. I have gone through SHOP and I am shocked to learn these items are sold out (seems to be a topic that has been previously discussed.) How often are the sold out items replaced for purchase?

As soon as they are available, they load them up for purchase. If you want to make sure to catch it when they get in a shipment, sign up in the Shop for email notification for the items you are interested in.


ya what @Jules said. otherwise you might miss the things you want most.


Are materials often sold out?

Yes, quite a bit recently. (Pandemic related supply disruptions. And it will be months before it’s back to normal, at a minimum.)


Got it. I appreciate your candor.

I’m sorry the Proofgrade veneer that you want is sold out!

Over the past year, we’ve faced a lot of roadblocks while trying to keep Proofgrade materials in stock. Global supply chains have been unreliable at best - there was a worldwide acrylic shortage, and our suppliers of wood and leather faced issues of their own while trying to navigate the pandemic.

We understand that these disruptions and stock outages are ultimately shouldered by our customers, and that burden is unacceptable to us. Our operations team has been working incredibly hard to replenish our Proofgrade material inventory, and they’ve made enormous strides - today, the vast majority of our materials are in stock, including every single size and thickness of our hardwoods, plywoods, and leathers, and the vast majority of our acrylic. What’s more, we’re absolutely committed to keeping these products in stock now that we have them.

While we don’t quite have everything in stock, including the veneer you were looking for, our operations team is continuing their work to get - and keep - every material in stock. In the meantime, as @Jules mentioned, please feel free to sign up for email updates for your favorite materials. We’ll work to restock as quickly as we can.