Veneer Labels


Masking tape and Sharpie, Before…

Painted :proofgrade: Maple self adhesive veneer After…

Along with a lesson in why you seal an engrave before painting. Doesn’t show that well in the pic but the black spray paint bled into the end grain where the engrave opened it.

Edit - to add better picture…

Couple of things from day one

Like your storage solution … love the new labels!


9.7 on the likey meter.


Running low on maple there… :wink:
(Great organized storage)


Another method I’ve had success with is just outlining the letters fairly deep and then paint the inside. If you’re careful the groove from the outline stops the paint or stain from bleeding outside the lines. Hope that makes sense!


Yes, that last 1,000 token job ate all of it! More on it’s way, 10 $heets Tuesday. Like @takitus, I find I use more of it than any other. I do Love the cherry and walnut, but reserve those for ‘special’ projects :star_struck:.
Now I want to try the other offerings like Poplar and Basswood. The cabinet on the left is the next step down from full sheets, separated into flavors same as the other side but looks like the refuse pile after a hurricane. The first drawer down is for small cut offs. Next stop is the ‘carcass pile’. :dizzy_face: Then there is the Phoenix box filling with the small cutouts of every material.


And that’s how it’s done when you’ve got a frickin’ laser, folks.


I feel the same way. Just haven’t found that special project to actually use them yet! :slight_smile:


Is that a linear or log scale? I mean either way it’s a lot o’ likes.


Sweet! Who needs a label maker when you have a laser? :slight_smile: