Veneer out of stock

Veneer has been out of stock for a while now.
I am running out of product and need to restock soon to keep sales running smoothly.

I make this product with Medium Maple Plywood and Walnut Veneer.

Hope someone can tell me anything on when veneer is planned to be back on stock.
I know I can add my email address for when it is back on stock. But it’s been months now for the Walnut Veneer…

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There are many sources beyond :proofgrade: Googling veneer will get many. I am not so fond of it, and there are many styles and qualities (and prices) available. I have not used this company but found this on my list …


I wish I had an answer for you, and I really enjoy that design! Between COVID-19 and high-demand, it has been challenging to keep all materials in stock. Unfortunately, though I know the team is working hard, I don’t have any information about when the veneer will be in the shop.