Ventilation Hose?


So as you all know the Air Filters are still extremely far out from shipping out to us pro users. I still haven’t received my Pro yet but am trying to get my work space set up. Im flirting with the idea of canceling my Air Filter and putting a hole in the wall for a ventilation hose. Does anyone know what the dimensions of the hose are? That way I don’t make the hole in the wall too big! :stuck_out_tongue:


Needs to fit a standard dryer hose. You can roll your savings on the filter into materials!


Thanks for the quick response! I like the idea of spending more on material for sure!


4" standard dryer hose.


The FAQ is a good source for stuff like this… :wink:

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Do it, it’s worth it. :slight_smile:

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I used one of these with a bit of gasket to make it a tight fit to the GF. Works a charm.

I found the flimsy hose that was included is too saggy. I really needed to support it to avoid an extra couple of 90º bends. The semi rigid has less air resistance overall and does not sag.

(Yes, I laser cut some extra squares with 4.07" squares in them for the dryer duct to pass through. There be silicone caulk between the layers. Sealed up good and tight.)

Bend are not your friend.


There is also less turbulence induced with that semirigid duct.

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