Ventilation problem

Hi, my gf is in my garage. I have cut a hole in one of the plastic windows and connected a dryer vent to it, and connected the GF to it with a hose a bit longer than the one it came with. The hose goes up and then down from the ceiling so I can walk under it. Does anyone have a setup where their hose runs up and down? Does it work?

I am trying to t/s what isn’t working as I can smell acrylic when I do test cut. I can see a bit of smoke curling around in the machine so not sure if it is being moved out quickly enough and leaking from machine, or if the hose has hole, or all of the above

If your exhaust run is longer than the supplied duct, or has several turns in it, it is recommended to supplement the exhaust with a booster fan.
I have two of them because my run is around 40’ long. They are rated at 190 CFM and I am very happy with them.
If you install one, put it as close as you can to the end of the run as you can so that any leaks in the run are sucking air in instead of blowing smoke out.
The first booster in my run pressurized the run downstream and required me to use silicone to seal every joint, seam and every section of the elbows in my standard 4" vent pipe.


My run is about 20 ft up through the roof - 200 cfm inline booster fan at roof - ditto to everything @PrintToLaser has said.

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Through the roof is the optimal installation! Exhaust well above street level, no fumes to annoy anyone. I’m very pleased with my rooftop vent.


Vented through the roof as well planned to install a booster fan but alas GF got here sooner than expected. So I hooked it up and haven’t had any issues with smell but have only used PG ply and similar non PG ply. But did seal most of the unions.

FYI I went with a 6" type b roof vent and downsized to 4" ac ducts after that and the vent had more than adequate draft.