Ventilation Question

Ok, clearly we don’t have our air filters yet, so everyone is venting out a window or wearing gas masks (kidding). I live in Houston and my home flooded, so all of my tools are in disarray in the new house, but I did find part of my air brush paint booth, which I thought would be brilliant for the GF window ventilation.

The directed cone came as part of this:

My question, is would this screw up ventilation at all?

Secondly, the tubing that came with the paint booth was awesome, it was rigid and would take a shape, so it was sorta like hard plumbing the exhaust. However it was destroyed in the flood/recovery. Does anyone know where to get more of it or what it would be called beyond rigid dryer duct.


I would measure the rectangular outflow end and compare the cross sectional area to that of the inlet 4” round cross section.

Hopefully it is greater than or equal to the inlet. Even so, there will be some added resistance to air flow, but you have a very short run.

My guess is it will be OK.


In a similar situation, I got a sheet of acrylic as wide as my window, cut it 6" (with a box cutter and ruler), and used the GlowForge to cut a 4" hole, which fit a super-cheap vent cover ( Then lots of packing tape around to seal the window.

This question is outside our team’s scope. I’ve moved it to the Beyond the Manual so the discussion can continue there.

I strongly disagree with you @semhar. You guys have better depth of knowledge on this product with greatest safety experience.


Totally agree, but given their response, I would guess the only follow up would be “we don’t recommend this” which could just as easily mean we don’t know but are covering our butts.


They’re just not allowed to. (Legal reasons.)

A dust collection port (to close off your vent duct) is helpful to keep outside air outside. And to avoid having critters climb up into the Glowforge, covering the end of your exhaust hose with some tough-to-chew wire mesh is a good idea.window outlet


That is the stuff. Thanks!