Venting through my garage wall

I’m installing my GF in the garage with a cloudline 6" inline fan. My plan is to come out of the GF with a 4" - 90° bend up to the inline fan out of the fan to a 6"- 90° through the wall. I’ll have to cut a hole through the wall and I’m having trouble finding a decent looking 6" vent cover with a though wall connecting tube. I have vinyl siding so it will need to be trimmed out properly. Has anyone faced this. Thanks to the group this my first post and cant wait to get up and running.

You might consider using 6" to 4" adapters on your cloudline fan. That will keep the hose size the same as the GF outlet, and there are a ton of 4" vent covers to choose from. I use this one:


I would but reducing the diameter after the fan would seem to cause back-pressure and be counter productive in trying to vent effectively.

Yeah, I don’t keep any specs on back pressure, but my GF has been set up that way since I installed it (about one and a half years ago), and I’ve had no problems at all. I believe many others in here have the same configuration. I would think that the two 90 degree turns you mentioned will do more to hamper air flow than a 4" outlet.


I’ve also been venting my 6" fan out a 4" opening and vent cap for years.

Is your garage climate controlled? The Glowforge has pretty strict operating environment requirements (60-75F in running temperature, no exposure to <40F or >120F, and no exposure to high humidity).


Thanks Dan,
I’ve done some math and actually I won’t lose very much cfm. I live in NC, and the garage is unheated. We have 30°days, maybe on occasion I’m aware of the operating conditions. I go south in winter,

Hey, I’m in NC too. It’ll be too hot and humid to run a Glowforge in my garage from roughly next week to late October.

I see Falls Lake in the background, do you live near?


If it gets cold enough even unused and just sitting there expanding ice is very tough on glass containers. I am in Tampa and for the second year in five we had a hard freeze that I would not want my glowforge to have to feel.

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