Very angry with material shipments

I have made two orders and still haven’t received either. I have sent multiple emails to support with the only response being ‘we will let you know’. It’s been over 20 days since my first order which I never received a tracking number for, the second order I received a tracking number but it is still ‘in pending’ which means FEDEX has not been given the package, that was on 11/29… This is extremely unacceptable. I have orders to fulfill for Christmas and I’m going to lose customers and money because of this crazy shipping time. Is anyone else having this issue?? Also, why won’t support respond with a reason or offer a refund? I’m not getting any help and I feel like I have to make a forum post to be heard from you since the responses to my emails are super unhelpful.

21+ days to ship something (with no end in sight) is insane. I’ve ordered clothes from China and have had them delivered before I’ve even had a tracking number email from you. It’s not like I made a huge order either, it’s two sheets of acrylic three sheets of draftboard and one sheet of plywood.

If I get one more response of “I’ve reached out to the team to investigate, and I’ll follow up as soon as I hear more.” with no follow up after weeks I’m going to go crazy. That’s the second time you’ve sent me that response without following up. It’s unprofessional and I just want my money back or my materials that I paid for.


Feel so sorry for your situation. I have been filling orders as well and thank God this didn’t happen to me. I seem to get mine here in VA pretty fast. Hope they figure out the issue and your troubles go away!!


Sorry to hear about your issues. I recently had a similar issue where it was weeks and no updates on order. Posting to Problems and Support opens a new ticket, so hopefully they will follow up. They shipped my order pretty quickly after realizing they messed up. Hope they fix your order too.

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Where are you having it shipped to? I’ve had several PG orders over the past year and they’ve all arrived fairly quickly, usually within a week. My shipments are going to Georgia (US). I think the only past issue I had was particular items listed that were in a backorder.

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I’m in Colorado. My previous orders have shipped very quickly and been delivered with the week normally. Nothing I ordered was backordered on the website when I made the purchases.

@michell_tateoka The proofgrade stuff is great, but have you considered using alternate materials?

I’ve had a lot of success using this: wood. They also make larger sheets if you need something bigger.

As for acrylic, Johnson Plastic Plus has some great stuff in 12x24 inch:
I cut this using the wood I listed above. Didn’t bother to tape it as its easier to just give the parts a quick sanding after cutting


That’s a great idea and your project looks really nice. Thank you I will check them out! Hopefully they can ship me the materials I need by the end of this week :smile:

Send me an e-mail to scott at laser d0t gg and I will introduce you to my account manager at JPP. He has been very helpful on quick turnaround projects.

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I’ll dogpile, because I’m in the same situation. Order placed on 18 Nov (#R245596345) and it’s still ‘pending’ in FedEx meaning Glowforge hasn’t moved it. The order is a decent size with 19 boards but not huge by any means.

Since I’ve placed this order, I’ve made other online purchase with other vendors. Their orders were fulfilled and (most importantly) delivered.

Glowforge is failing at managing customer expectations. They’re losing business as a result.

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I’m in the same boat. What’s more, i’ve ordered THREE times since then and all three have delivered. I am now sitting with virtual radio silence from customer support after emailing several times. That one order was broken, and it’s pretty crappy that there really are no other avenues to solve issues.


Where in Colorado?

I’m in the springs. Never had an issue with PG materials, but understand it pops up from time to time. I get my acrylic local, but plywood is still mostly PG and hardwoods come from various sources. I have lots on hand, if I have it maybe I can help you out.


thanks for the offer! I already ordered a bunch of materials from amazon that should be here weds. I appreciate it though!

That’s the date a whole bunch of other folks ordered & then didn’t hear anything. @bonny (I think) posted they had a problem with the ordering system that day. Worth an email to her or Support to let them know you’re stuck in the Bermuda Triangle too.


The order I’m missing was also placed on Nov 18th

Emails to Support or new threads in this section would be the way to go. They won’t see the “me too” posts in this one.

Thanks for the insight, James. I’ve sent another email to Support. They can’t make up for lost time, but maybe they can eventually make good on the order.

I do appreciate the feedback and apologize. As someone pointed out, we had an issue with a batch of orders that prevented some from receiving tracking information and others from shipping promptly. We are at work on making sure the orders are replaced or delivered and at addressing the underlying issue, too. I know it’s important to get your Proofgrade promptly. @crispy and @michell_tateoka, I’ve replied to your emails. If you, or anyone else have more questions, please email us or post a new thread.