Very blurry text engraving

Hello all!! So im making easter basket tags and last night they printed and cut perfect, this morning turned on my machine and this is what im getting , blurry doubled text, uneven lines and the cut wasnt even.

Tried cleaning the lens, the wheels, the camera.
tried using different settings as well.

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It would seem to be in the image or the material or both. If the image is too low a resolution it will have pixel sized spots or if JPG you will get a lot of that as compression glitches that JPG is notorious for. If there is too low a LPI and very light the space between the passes will break it up.

Also the rough grain of unsanded basswood for example will react differently from high places to low or from grain to grain. There is also the possibility of an issue with the image but one could not determine that with out looking in Gimp or Inkscape.


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