Very frustrated

I have emailed support a few days ago and nothing. My GF is stuck in scanning mode. I have tried all the troubleshooting tips, checked mirror, cleaned, trying putting the print head under the glowforge symbol, reset wifi router, cleared cache, rebooted laptop. I don’t know what else to try. I have a $6000+ paperweight! I have work to get done and nothing from support! I will not leave a very good review on this! My machine is under warranty!!!

Sounds like a wifi issue. Support will be along shortly…

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I reset wifi router, cleared cache, files upload fine.

Did you receive the automated message from when your email was received on their end?

Yup. Sounds like a wifi issue.

no i did not

That’s most likely your spam filters.

Any email to Glowforge receives an immediate automated acknowledgement.

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I am an IT professional. Not in my spam, I sent two emails.

Me too. Only 35 years though. So I could be wrong…


Went through setup and connected again to Wifi. Still does not work. And is also sounds like it doesn’t have the power it used to… What am i missing?

Record the date and time of your most recent problematic print so they can pull the logs from your machine. since your email isn’t reaching them or theirs isn’t reaching you they will need that information to move forwards towards a solution.

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I sent another trouble ticket from the support webpage and said it was sent successfully. The last time I printed was Sept 5th, I don’t remember the exact time. It finished the job, I then shut it down and few minutes later went to turn it on and the print head did a bump a couple of times and then nothing. It shows online but sounds very weak compared to what it used to.

Sending in additional emails will generate additional support tickets that will need to be collected and combined before they can get to your issue and may slow down response from support. Be patient and they will be along shortly to help get you back print. Exact time is not necessary, just something to help them narrow down where to look to speed things up. Not sure what “very weak compared to what it used to” really means and you might need to explain that a bit more for it to be helpful information. If you haven’t tried it yet maybe try connecting your machine to your mobile device hotspot to try and eliminate communication issues from the machine back to your router. The signal may be strong to the machine but weak returning.

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By sound, I mean it usually very loud (airplane) when I turn it on, now it makes noise but just doesn’t like it has a lot of power, almost sounds muffled.

When you say turn it on do you mean start a print or initially powering on the machine? If its when a print starts check to make sure the external filter option is not turned on as that will disable the exhaust fan in the back of the unit. its located under the 3 vertical dot icon on the top bar of the dashboard

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Did you accidentally switch off the exhaust fan? (Like when using the filter?)

And is the exhaust fan running?

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that is off

it is when i turn the machine on the print head never moves to center of focus.

the fan on the back of the machine is not running. Does it run all the time or just when you hit print?

The fan in the back will turn on only when a print is running and the switch in question in the dashboard is turned off.