Very glitchy spacing. Just today

It looks perfect in glowforge software, but then the cut and engrave are off by several inches. This seems to be new today (in the last hour)
I can’t see that it bumped anything since it’s my typical flat board and I didn’t get any bump warning.

Just more notes:
It has the look like there was a bump, though I didn’t see one while I was watching. The belt on the right hand side looks looser than the left side. Not sure if that is contributing.
I ran the same design again with a different board and the cuts were better, but it still looks like it has shifted the spacing on the engrave

Make sure the belt tension is correct (tighten if necessary) and just to be sure nothing got bumped, turn the machine off, move the printerhead to the home position then turn it back on.

Thanks. I’m working on the tension tightening now. For a while now, I’ve noticed that when it returns to the home position, it’s been lopsided. Hopefully the tension will fix both issues.

That’s not the solution. Or the belt is in such bad shape that it can’t be tightened to even the tension out for both of them.

Did you check the V-wheels on the carriage plate to ensure no buildup on them and that the rails are nice and clean?

I did. Thanks. Since we were dealing with the air assist fan anyway, we had taken the whole thing apart twice just to make sure. I think some of it is still belt related, but I’m temporarily back functioning until I can get the side belt fixed. It’s loose and where it can’t be tightened anymore, but I’ve got a support request in now for a belt.
I appreciate the feedback! I’ve certainly learned a lot about maintenance issues, but they’re good lessons to learn.

I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve been experiencing, but I see that you’ve reached out to us directly, and we are working on resolving the snag there. I’ll now close this thread.