Very last U.S. pre-order has arrived!

As far as I know, I was the last person to pre-order a Glowforge before the founder discount ended. My order was posted on 12/14/17 at 11:57PM. It arrived this week, and what a fantastic and easy to use machine it is!



Last pre-order in the US?

Some of us are still waiting.

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Congrats! Your plaque and engraves look great! :grinning:

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Yes, U.S.

Well, I’m still waiting for my Glowforge, so I assume you are the last pre-order in the US?

@ylene It’s a race! Canada vs Austria! I’m Jul 10, 2018… who’s leading?

@djmike805 is already in the runner’s lounge sipping on a mojito mocking us :wink:

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Delivery isn’t relevant to what he was claiming.

The pre-order price ended on 12/14. He bought his at 11:57PM or 3 minutes before the expiration of pre-order pricing.

Did anyone else buy theirs between 11:57PM and 11:59:59PM? If not, I think he’s right - he has the last pre-order purchase, and it’s been delivered. Your delivery status has no bearing on his order position.

BTW, as far as I understand it, the first ones have not been delivered even in the United States. @Dan said the ones he & several employees bought were last in the queue to be delivered after all pre-orders.

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That title can be read multiple ways, I see yours. Can you see mine?

I’d be refusing to take mine too seeing where we are right now.

We are trying to laugh about it but being “well actually”-ed like that rips the humour out and reminds me of the disaster this has been. The GF is now a joke term around my friends, the thing that Chris will never get.

So I’m happy for DJ Mike but lets acknowledge that those outside the US are enduring yet another surprise delay and they may be a touch sensitive till they get theirs. Let us gripe a little else we complain a lot.

PS: DJ Mike, that depth engrave looks great from that low angle (it almost looks like clip-art).


@chris.majewski well when it comes to ordering date, mine was Oct 26, 2015, so …
@jamesdhatch true I wasn’t referring to delivery since I only have the Proofgrade so far :slight_smile:

Agreed. Dan that’s screwed up.

I edited the title. Is there anyone with a domestic pre-order that hasn’t received theirs yet? My intention with this post was to give a little hope to those that haven’t received theirs yet. With the domestic pre-orders complete it’s time to get those international units cranking.


Still waiting.

I’m a HE by the way :sunglasses:

I can if I stopped reading at the title but the text of the actual post was pretty specific. I tend not to respond to titles but to posts :slightly_smiling_face:

Fixed my original response. Sorry about that :slight_smile:

Anyone who got the shipping e-mail and chose not to receive theirs is out of this game.

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I was under the impression you shouldn’t cut Vinyl Records?

Correct. Not with a laser. Can release chlorine gas.

The vinyl record pictured was to show the acrylic stand I made for it

Woo hoo ! Congratulations from the “First” (recorded?) delivered pre-order !