Very simple black gloss acrylic necklace with gold paint infill


I make acrylic jewelry, I have for a long time, but I haven’t worked with infill paint before and I got a custom order I couldn’t do otherwise.

So extremely simple and so lovely. While I’ve done much more technically impressive stuff, I thought it might finally be time to break my “made on” post silence because for some reason this delights me more.

Used martha stewart metallic gold acrylic paint, a q-tip, chemcast black gloss acrylic from TAP plastics with the paper mask that comes on it, and the HD engrave setting.


That came out really clean and luxurious looking.


That looks very richly elegant! :grinning:


So many possibilities for this! Jewelry, name tags, you name it! Really came out great.


That just Pops!


Very nice work.


Looks great!


CUTE! Love the fills