Very slow cutting

I need to know why it took 1hr 5min to engrave and cut these 3 coasters?

Engraving at 1000 speed 60 power

Cutting at 125 speed full power

I have the Glowforge Plus

Because of the artwork, and how the coasters are arranged. Line them up in a row and combine the artwork so it’s all one big engrave, and it will speed things up considerably.

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They were lined up and set as 1 big engrave

What lpi were you using?

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What was your LPI?


270 is very high for such simple engraves. The head has to go across the design 270 times for every inch of engrave.

Thanks for the info

And if they’re set up as one big engrave, then it has to travel all the way across each time…

I don’t think vertical alignment would save time, but maybe…the only way to really know would be to try it, I guess.

This is one of those cases where I’d probably end up going with score lines instead. :wink:


Defocused scores would be just the ticket.


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