Very slow shipping and very slow support but very fast to get the money for your order! I guess if you cancel your order you will have to wait months before getting your money back

Very fast at getting your money but slow at shipping and very slow at support not coming to phone and auto bots emailing you back if you cancel your order you will have to wait a month to get it back but the minute you ordered they got your money!

And they believe they over communicate

Generally they issue refunds within a few days - it totally depends on your bank on how fast it gets back into your account. Some banks it’s a few days, others 6 weeks! Go read the documents you signed when you opened your account, it’ll say there.


Hi @johne758,

Thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry again that your experience has been less than stellar. I’ll be emailing you with the information you need to make this right and closing out this thread.