Video 2 coming to a YouTube near you!

So, I’m releasing Episode 2 of “Will it Forge”. It should go live at 6:00 pm Eastern Time at this link:

Will it Forge - Episode 2

(I have to test scheduling sometime.)

A special thanks to @alexiancooper, @evansd2, @GrooveStranger, @henryhbk, @jrryw13, and @Jules for giving me permission to use their pictures in the video. As promised, I did something quite crazy. Sadly, no hedgie this time, except a picture of the last video project results.

The result? Well, you will have to go see.


You’re clickbaiting?! All right let’s see.

And here I was going to say what it was so people could decide but the video won’t load so… joke is on us?

Clickbaiting for views! LOL I don’t even have advertising turned on or any crazy crap like that. Maybe I will share the result a while later.

Well when I click on it the video isn’t available… something is amiss?

I think we’re early…6PM Eastern.

Oh right duh. Well that’s even more fun. A clickbaited unavailable video.

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There. I had to test scheduling, but I changed it to 5:30 eastern time, just for you. 4-5 minute wait.

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And it did go public.

Kowabunga! I’d hate to ask how many passes that took! Nice of you to take the hit for science’s sake!

Great test! :sunglasses:

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It was 650 full power passes, but that was actually overkill.


Note: I’m open to suggestions for things to try. I have some videos planned, but not tons.

I moved this to Beyond the Manual, for obvious reasons. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please don’t yell at me.


If Discourse had signatures…


Was waiting for someone to decide that.


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