Vintage calculators



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Love the classic robot face on the right side of the Brit! So perfect! In my mind thats where the answers come out :grinning:




This one even tells time.


How did we wind up with calculator when Arithmometer was a choice??


Always wanted a Curta. Can’t afford it.

I love mechanical things. Got one of these Burroughs calculators out of the local courthouse a few years ago.

The one I have came with a rolling stand but looks just like this. Works great. I love how they put beveled glass on three sides to see the inner workings. Weighs about 50 lbs.


The glass looks great, but I wonder if it was so you could do some troubleshooting without having to take the case off? Or am I the last one to the party with that thought?


It also grinds a great cuppa joe!


Not sure. There is zero maintenance that can be performed without removing the entire case and glass. You need a key to remove it. And the glass is very heavy beveled glass with fancy gold lettering. Typical turn of the century (1900ish) craftsmanship.


I was thinking more about eliminating or confirming something without having to remove a case.


I kind of want to try to design a working calculator that can be cut in the forge. I’m assuming a ton of small gears , and … Doodads, maybe some thingamabobs, and a hair of insanity might do it.

Any laser cut calcs out there?


We used slide rules before calculators were invented. Here is a laser cut version.


Here’s a potentially useful video on mechanical computers that you can potentially build some of with a GF


That is a gorgeous Burroughs calculator - is that as received or did you refurbish it?

If you have a 3D printer, you can make your own Curta in plastic at 3:1 scale:

I’m nearly done with one aside from some tiny pieces that are difficult to make with an FDM printer. I’m considering a DLM printer to make those at the moment and hope that @henryhbk posts an update about his Slash soon.

Or, if you have the metalworking tools you can make a full scale model in metal using the public plans available in Onshape.

I might actually try one of those after the 3D print is done. The GF will be used to make nice cases for either of them.


That one is not mine. Couldn’t grab a pic of the one I have because it’s 200 miles away. It is in the same condition and looks just like that though. Only had to lube the inside and replace two keys.


That was quite a find, then.