Vinyl Record Wall Mount

simple wall mount for vinyl records. made mine out of walnut but can be made out of any 1/8" material.

record holder


Thought sure I was going to see you destroying your glowforge with that title.
I have hundreds of LP’s from the 60’s onward.
Maybe a good idea to swap some labels into something like this.
Can always swap with another when tired of staring at the current. Some of them are very artful from the psychedelic era.


That’s very nice—thanks for the design!

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Great idea! Thank you for sharing your file!

Does this mean you can’t cut records with the GF? Hadn’t thought of it until I saw this title.

Vinyl (PVC) will destroy your laser. The chlorine will combine with atmospheric moisture and you will be blowing hydrochloric acid through your machine.


Thanks for the share. Simple idea, but useful. :slight_smile:

Thanks for saving me time to research the idea further.

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Thank you fo sharing! This is such a fun idea :slight_smile:

nice design!

I’ve tried to print a couple of times and I keep breaking the little hangers at the front I use maple hardwood is there something better to use

My response was relief that vinyl records were not being burned and destroying the glowforge.

As to your question though, hardwood with a narrow width on a load bearing vertical finger would really require that the grain was pointing the right way and even then…
MDF, acrylic, plywood. Yeah, probably a lot of better usage materials when you have thin parts that need to function instead of just being looked at.
OR modify the given design for a much thicker support arm segment.

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As well as being careful with grain, or using a more appropriate material, you can also round the inside corners.

FEA of stress:

how do I download the design?

Right-click on the design file image and select “Save”.


hi there, long time vinyl collector, New to glowforge. will this file work as a desktop display without any anchors? I wonder if the weight of the album cover will tip it forward.

Oooo! Very practical and attractive!

Fantastic and simple! Just what a newbie needs! thanks for sharing!