Visit with smcgathyfay


This weekend I got a visit from @smcgathyfay! All sorts of things were done and we designed my Escutcheon.

It was great to catch up with her and her daughter and talk all things glowforge.


Perfectly Kewwwwwl! (And a little creepy with that big glowie eyeball.) :sunglasses:


Here are a few more pics.
Skull. Arrgh push the button…lol

Obligatory selfie…lol
Looking at something other than the camera…lol

Had to bring him a pew pew pew sign😄

Aaaaand. He made me a :glowforge: customized mug!! :squeeee: hard to see with the backlight window but it says Laser Lady :smile:

Had A fun visit and in the short time working with the :glowforge: @julybighouse acted like a pro. Alot farther along than I was with my first laser. Lmao


How great to meet Glowfriends IRL! Great OE (obligatory escutcheon) and beautiful mug.


It was super cool! Hope to meet many others too!!


Glad my attempts at knowing what I was doing seemed to go over well @smcgathyfay :wink:

Thankfully, I’ve been able to play around a lot. I don’t have a ton of “presentation” type things done yet to show everyone, but that Mug is the first time I incorporated the Laser with making my mugs! Of course, I couldn’t show that off until I had given it to her.


Looks like you guys had a wonderful productive visit! (And I still want one of those signs.) :grinning:


Well…I’ve decided that I will bring one as a gift to whoever I visit or whomever visits me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Although I will make an exception since you asked before I decided this


Thank goodness I’m grandfathered in…can’t get away from here very often, and these days - all travel is devoted to trips home to take care of mom’s bizness. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love these glowfolk gatherings! Very nice escutcheon and mug–he’s a pro already.

You shoulda stopped by here in STL on your way back!


Well, I flew so…not on the way…lol. But I have a friend in Chicago that I’m itching to visit and that IS a road trip right through STL :smile:






Oh yeah, that would be so cool if you could stop by!


Oh yes, and you pass within 40 miles of me and you definitely would only add about 20 minutes of driving time if you detoured through the Lake!


Sounds like a road trip…lol


Looks like a great visit! Great stuff!

My very first Internet friends were made in this forum. Glowforge – bringing makers and future makers together.


Great you two had the opportunity!
My door is always open for The Laser Lady. Add Denver to the list. :wink:

Yeah, and guess who rolled into town and paid me a visit?


Oh did you guys cut some stickers? :sunglasses:


No, he brought a handful of assorted ones for me! We did have fun exploring some files he brought for the occasion.
It’s really cool to introduce people to the UI and see how quickly they can wield it! Minutes.
Of course he is technical, and as such found the ease a welcome experience. That is the main goal and the mojo glowforge brings. Even people like me pick it up and run with it right away.