Visiting Dallas with a deadline. Looking for a Glowforge Samaritan

Hello, Glowforge family. I’ve found myself in an interesting predicament. I’m in Dallas this summer directing a play (Macbeth at Shakespeare Dallas), and I’m without my Glowforge! I’ve been laser cutting some memorial plaques for an animal rescue center near Los Angeles. They have a show on Animal Planet called Wolves and Warriors (basically they rescue wolves and veterans suffering from PTSD care for the wolves for therapy. It’s epic). They have requested a couple more plaques from me, which I have designed, but cannot finish without a laser. Can anyone help? I’m happy to pay a rental fee or whatever feels appropriate for the time. I need to engrave 3 of these. Each plaque is 12”x6”x3/4” white oak. I brought with me the jig I made to support the plaque at the correct height w/o the crumb tray in place. Thanks in advance for helping out if you’re able. If you find yourself in SoCal with a deadline and no machine I will absolutely return the favor. I’ll include a picture of the plaques I’ve made and the wall where they reside.


Interesting project. Sadly, not in the area.


Epic project. Sadly, I’m nowhere close.

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