Vlog Laser engraving youtube channel

I made a vlog channel to show my laser stuff and store stuff I make with the glowforge, I’d appreciate people looking at it if that would be interesting to you.


You probably know by now, but simple earrings don’t need instructions. :rofl:

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the fear of making another dang tutorial lingers, idk its the part i hate doing the most


Yes, I get that fear-I hate taking photos and writing steps to make the photos make sense. Right now I’m living by, if it’s 2 steps or less and they can figure it out by looking at the photo-no tutorial. In the beginning I made some tutorials on how to put earrings together, just for those instructions to not be included in the catalog, so I realized they aren’t necessary-especially for flat and simple things, like earrings, coastes, bookmarks, etc.


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