Voltage support

Will the GlowForge support both 110V and 220V power inputs, so I don’t have to worry about moving countries?

Yes, your Glowforge will run on both 110 and 220VAC (and 50/60 Hz).

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Awesome news, thanks!

What amperage will it need? Standard 110v / 15A household circuit, or 20A, or more?

You can run both Glowforge and air filter off a single 110v/15A household outlet.

Yes! I was just about to ask this! This is surprising and awesome.

I was just about to ask about power consumption too.

@dan - can you get a little more specific other than to just say that it will work on the typical 15 amp circuit? How many watts the unit going to use? (I’ve got a Pro+filter ordered) I’m hoping I will be able to use it on the same circuit & at the same time as my CNC.

Looking like peak 800W for laser & 600W for pro. It’s a full load for a single outlet, but workable. It will usually run well under peak.

@dan - 800w for laser & 600w for pro? Did you mean 600w for filter? Or 800w for basic?

Apologies, you’re quite right @mike13: 800w for laser and 600w for filter.

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Will there be an Australian specific power supply? Or will the GF work fine with our power grid, which apparently is based more closely on European specifications. I found this after a quick google and as i’m not an electrician i cannot guarantee it is 100% accurate but i am led to believe it should suffice


Power supply isn’t final but it’s designed for world voltages, which should include Australia mains. You might need a local power cable for the plug, but those are <$10 and you can steal one from an old monitor.

I suggest that instead of having dual voltage power supply (I guess switched:110V/220V & 50/60Hz) wouldn’t it be better to have auto ranging from 100V ~ 240V as commonly found nowadays in low power devices - TVs and notebook/phone chargers? It would help prevent damage due to accidental over voltage being connected. For example main voltage in Japan is 100V, UK & common wealth countries is 240V. Thanks and hope you give due consideration. Chang

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Power supply feature set is locked - I don’ tknow if it’s dual or autoranging offhand.

Hi @dan

The standard voltage in Singapore is 220V/240V, 50 Hz. (supported as per your earlier posts)
Can it run off a 13A three pin power socket? (similar to UK type). Or would I need to install a 15A socket?

Yes, I believe the power supply’s spec’d for that.

Hi for clarification @dan
Would i need to install a 15A powerpoint and subsequent mcb for a basic unit ir is my 13A sufficient? Not quite sure with ur answer. Im reading it yes spec’ed for 13A and yes need 15A

220… 221… whatever it takes.

im actually wondering if my UK three pin heads can fit or if i need to install a 15A 3 round pin type. such as those we use for heavy machinery here. or air conditioner condenser unit.

Watts = Volts * Amps. It looks like the UK has a 230V system that is +10% and -6%, so minimum voltage is 230 * .94 = 216v. If you have a 13 amp circuit, then you would have 216 * 13 = 2800 watts. That is more than enough for both the glowforge and its filter (1400 watts combined). Heck, unlike the common US household circuit it appears you could run two.

I do wonder what kind of air conditioners you’re running there. Are you trying to cool an entire manor house with a single window unit. :wink:

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