Vote Drop earring

I decided to share a file I finished. It’s simple, but a friend wanted some earrings that could easily be seen in zoom meetings.

Please follow forums rules and only print for personal use. It looks simple, and it is, but there was some testing and trial and error involved to make sure the stars didn’t char.

Just to be clear, the first set is all cuts, the second it in case you wanted to engrave the stars and stripes instead.

Edit: I changed the file a little to match your recommendations. I don’t know how the loop is going to change, but I lowered it more into the earring (I lowered the actual hole to give it more space, but the loop looked a little funky after that- so I tried making it thicker and lower), got rid of a couple of extra nodes I found, and made it a little bigger (I wanted them to be around an inch…I don’t wear drop earrings so I don’t know what is the norm-but that was as big as I could stand-whoever wants to can cut it as big as they’d like, just adjust the holes to match). I think I originally sized them before adding stars to the 2020 (I couldn’t find a way I like to make a hole for hanging the earring).

I understand what you were saying about cut order. It made sense (like the rest of your advice), so I changed the original file to match what you were saying. My glowforge is usually smarter than I am and mostly cuts them in an order that doesn’t cause fires or misalignment, but I don’t remember what order these were cut in.

I can’t test it, it’s too hot here, but hopefully it works out.

Vote 2020


Thanks for the share! These are lovely.


I thought it was the wrong file, but turns out my stroke thickness on 2020 is so light I couldn’t see it. Anyways, I have a cut pattern and an engrave one on there. I was going to make them to sell, but I’m gotten a little side-tracked.


I see what you did… Just added some weight to the line for the 2020.


Thank you! It’s a great idea. If I ever saw anyone not living in this house or my Mom’s I would sure be wearing them! Everyone around me already knows how strongly I feel about voting, especially this year.


Thank you!

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Oh yeah. democracy is like Peter Pan flying - if you stop believing in it, it stops working. :us:


Right click on the image and hit save image as, it will download as an SVG file.

Thank you for the share! This design is awesome!

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So this is weird…I didn’t get a glowforge notification, but in my email someone asked me a question, I responded via email…and I don’t see the original question in here now. So…it looks like I’m talking to “nobody” on how to download the file…not crazy, I swear…at least not yet, I had a cup of coffee already.


So what size are you recommending these be cut to?

I opened them up in Inkscape, and they were 0.997" tall, when I cut them out the loops were probably too small to be usable and quite weak. I multiplied it by 1.5, and got a reasonable size, I think.

I cut them out of custom made plywood that I glues up with three layers of veneer, 0.06" thick total, and fairly strong because of the crossgrained layers.

I also modified the SVG to have a more conventional color scheme, where the inner cuts are done first and the outline last, to help keep things aligned. Here’s my color change:

Vote 2020

And here’s my final result:

About as thick as a US quarter:

Update: I made them into double sided engraves.

Here’s the engrave version:

Vote 2020


Nice! Originally they were just under an inch. Not sure what changed in my file, but I tested in birch and PG maple before sharing. My loops are just big enough for a head pin, and nothing is very fragile.

Thanks for changing the lines. I usually just do the difference so that I don’t accidently move anything out of place, so all my cut lines end up being red. But so far I haven’t had issues.

The engraves look awesome, though I don’t have any aluminum to engrave like that, it’s a good idea. I made them because my friend said “I want earrings that say VOTE, and can be seen in a zoom meeting.” Actually, she didn’t like these very much. She showed me what she had in mind…and I didn’t like that very much… :rofl:

The photo is birch. I attempted to cover the maple with resin…and that didn’t go over too well…actually, I had the wrong kind of resin, so it went over it very well…all over, and couldn’t be removed.


is your svg file available? I help at the voting booths. I would love these. thanks!

My versions of the svg are in my replies above. Just right click and save as…

That being said the authoritative cut version is in the original post. The only one I did that brought much new to the table is the engrave svg, which is right up above.