VR Goggles?

I’ve purchased a few of the stock plastic VR Goggle in the past.
They all end up going to waste if I have to upgrade my phone.
Or if I have a friend with a non compatible phone check out something on the rig.

With all the awesome content out there, and the wonders of the GF.
It seems like a no brainier to create a good baseline version that you could quickly cut out with personalized customization & be cross compatible as phone models changed dimensions.

Google has all the manufacturing specs on
Google VR goggles

Any thoughts… or has there been testing done in the community thus far?


I’ve cut a few for a work event using the same file. Works great. Measure the size of the lens with a set of calipers, The scale the vector to match the lens opening in the file.


Is there a good source for lenses?



Thanks, I’ll have to bookmark that until I get time to work it into my projects.