W00t woot glowforge on the way!


Just fitness notice that my glowforge is on its way!!! Super stoked to get it! Engraved trackr bravo device for my keys here we come!


Congrats! :slight_smile:


Another one!! So cool!! :sunglasses:


Fantastic! Congratulations! :smiley::boom::sparkles::dizzy:


Congratulations and welcome to the Forum.


Congratulations and welcome!


Welcome aboard!


Woa. Welcome to the forum. Clearly Glowforge are sharing the love.


Congrats! The momentum is growing!


Congrats!! I read here every day but log in rarely… Very happy to see they are rolling out.
Do we have any news on Pro units? I can’t wait!


Ooooh, this is really going to annoy certain parties on Facebook.


Congrats, awesome to see more units getting ready to go out.


Wow, that’s great!


Awesome! Congrats!!


Fantastic! Congrats!


No news just yet on the Pro models shipping. These are all Basic models. :relaxed:


Woo hoo! Let the PewPew begin!


Awesome! Congrats


Last word on Pro was still finalizing the safety information. There may have been undisclosed other along with that, but the indication was also that things still appeared to be on track for expected shipping dates. No conflicting announcements have been made to that, yet.


Congrats! So happy for you.