Waaay off topic but very cool


I’m kind of mesmerized by the use of slow motion, color, music, and explosives in this video.

May be worth a watch or two.



Kewl! :sunglasses:


Unbelievable, all that in 4.2 seconds. Thanks for posting that. - Rich


Your welcome. I’ve watched it about a half dozen times. Amazing synchronization. The video takes awhile to load, but worth it. Song is not terrible either.


Truly amazing. The choreography required to put all this together in just a few seconds.

Thanks for sharing!


wow that is just… just… ok I got out of words but this is amazing :smiley:


I love these guys. Time after time they blow my mind


So overwhelmed by the amount happening and then stunned when they slowed it down.


My favorite thing about OK GO videos is how they’ve evolved over time. They build on each successive project and the results keep getting better and better. Their music is good but the fact that they’re truly artists and makers put them near the top of my favorite bands list.


OK GO make some awesome videos!


I just might, when I get my Glowforge!


Haaah! I see what you did there!


Yes, I ignored punctuation rules in your post. They are very important though. Consider the ramifications of this:

Let’s eat, Grandma.
Let’s eat Grandma.


I hope it was one take… That was truly amazing ! Would love to see behind the scenes of making that video.


They are so crazy creative!!




Ask and ye shall receive. Here’s a link that showed up at the bottom of the “Walk Her Walk” page. It doesn’t sound like the whole video was one long take. That’s mentioned about 2/3 through the making of video. Masterful camera staging and editing though.

This doesn’t let no sirectly to the making of video. Don’t play the first video, scroll down to near the bottom of your the page and there is a 5 minute video.


Incredible. The things you don’t see in the 4.2s “real time” seen in the slo-mo make you go back and watch it again and again to see if it really was there. Almost mesmerising. Hard to believe it’s only an advert for salt underneath it all.


I love OK GO and as an pro-amature videographer, I’ve only ever caught 2 of their stitched edits without being told where to look. Their choreographer and editors are seriously amazing teams.

Biggest one was the curtain pull in the rube goldberg machine video. The light bulb behind the curtain is in a very different spot when the curtains part.

I couldn’t tell at all(Even after knowing) where the edit for the weightless plane one leading into the final third when they open all the suitcases and pop the paint balloons is cut at. Masterfully done.