Wait for images to draw?

I read somewhere that someone advised us to wait for the entire image to draw in the “ready to print” dialog before hitting the button. They said this ensured the entire thing would print. Is this true? I never do this. But for the first time, I had something Stop Printing before it was complete. I’m wondering if this was the reason.

I don’t think anybody’s suggesting it won’t work if you don’t let the preview finish. I think the idea is, take a quick look to ensure everything you expect to happen will happen.

Not viewing the preview was not the cause of your print failure.

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Thought so. Maybe I had a power glitch. I was out of my studio for a bit so I didn’t notice.

The suggestion is not for the print preview window but for the actual UI. When you upload some files that have a lot of components, or a lot of vector paths, (especially text, it seems) it can take a minute for the UI to actually process all of that information. If you hit print before the UI has processed it, for some reason it doesn’t send the whole file to the cloud for processing, only what has been interpreted thus far, which can lead to missing components.

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