Waited 2 years for Paperweight

I had to subtly mention I wanted this for 2 years before my wife would sign off on a guilt-free purchase. I am one of the lucky ones that is waiting for Tech Support.

I get it - they are swamped and for whatever reason, under staffed in the support department. But when you pay this much for a device - it does feel like support should be more available - and heaven forbid - a phone number???

My laser doesn’t fire up - from what I have read, it seems to be a faulty or cracked tube. Is it normal to have some liquid resting in the bottom of the outer glass tube?
From what I have read, I get the feeling I will be sending this back - which will be annoying I imagine - vs being sent a new laser tube. I find it very annoying all posts seem to end with GF closing a topic without posting how it was resolved. I spent hours on the forum last night searching “no laser”, “won’t fire”…only to see “since you emailed us, we are closing this topic”.

What would be great would be for GF to offer some honest scenarios and how they resolve them - so people who ruminate on these things and waited so long - can get an idea of how long it will take to start cutting!

I will admit, it hasn’t been 24 hours since I emailed support. Probably should have posted here - but I have an idea I know what the outcome will be…shipping back and waiting for a replacement - which seems like there is a 50/50 chance it too will not work correctly.

Can I get any boost in confidence that this WILL EVENTUALLY work and I haven’t spent 4k on a paperweight that my wife will remind me of for the rest of my life?

Thanks in advance community - I hear you are great. Needing some love - so bummed I can’t get immediate gratification after waiting so long for my new toy.

(Yes, I checked the power settings, cleaned everything, tried various files and materials…tube never lights up, which I think is what is supposed to happen)

Sincerely - sad newbie

I have been here since the beginning. I have seen people post a lot of problems… I have seen a handful of DOA machines… but I have never seen someone say, “well, they screwed me, my new machine won’t ever work, and I wasted $4000.”

You’ll get a working machine.


Btw- you’ve opened a new support ticket by posting in problems and support so that will actually slow down their ability to help you as they reconcile your multiple tickets.


This should give you plenty of confidence that you’ll get a working machine, and be making cool things. DOA sucks. Shipping happens, unfortunately. I’d say your odds are a bit better than 50/50 of being good on a replacement machine.


As far as closing a topic without posting how it was resolved - that’s a function of people sending emails and also creating a ticket here in problems and support. This topic will eventually be closed for the same reason.


I have a hard time believing I am the first to post this sentiment. To be clear - my main complaint is that similar posts are closed without hinting at what the solution was - sending back? New tube sent? A phone call? A Tesla type truck arriving to save the day? More of just being at the mercy of a backed up company and wringing my hands after years of family politics (my wife is actually awesome) waiting to find out how it will be resolved and the timeline - days, weeks? Etc.

But I appreciate your confidence it will be resolved - that is honestly all I am wanting to hear; “you didn’t waste your money - it will be worth it”

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My opinion is that is a poor customer service decision on GF part - take 1 extra minute and choose from a list of how that topic was resolved…so people like me can say…“Okay, will probably be sending it back”

Otherwise, why even have the posts at all…just remove the entire post if not resolved in the post.

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I don’t know where the post is now but I do recall recently someone needed a replacement and their replacement machine showed up before they’d even shipped out the broken one back to GF.

These folks run an extremely tight ship and while that means very few folks to assist with on demand customer support, they do a good job of making things right as fast as they are able.

They’ll take care of you, but you’ll for sure need to be patient while they do.


This is a GF issue, not the user’s issue. Weird to make customers feel bad when they are trying to find the quickest solution to use their product.

They could use a smarter ticketing system that combines tickets by user name.

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Thank you - I am very glad to hear that. I appreciate you sharing and I will definitely update my post accordingly when resolved (if it isn’t closed before hand).

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I’m sure an update posted in one of the other categories, Everything Else maybe, would be appreciated.

Having a little insight into the full support lifecycle would, at the very least, help to calm folks while they wait for a solution.

Good luck! I’m sure you’ll be operational soon.

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In the meantime, if you want to snap pictures of the tube and I think there is ribbon cable to check on the head for the laser not firing(something about bent pins) if I remember correctly. posting pics will mean they won’t ask for them and delay your resolution further.

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I have a video: https://vimeo.com/362185593

I read somewhere that the tube glows when firing? And again, the liquid at the bottom of the outer glass tube doesn’t feel right.

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I will check for bent pins when I get home - I did read that and forgot to check that this morning. Thank you for the suggestion.

like all the other owners I"m just guessing. I think the liquid you are talking about looks fine, but I thought the bubbles were supposed to clear.

They are clear, just really small. And then under that, can’t see in video - is pooled liquid…like an 8th of a cup.

So you have liquid outside of the smaller inner tube? I was guessing that the inner tube held the liquid.

the inner tube should hold CO2 and trace gasses the outer liquid circulates to cool the inner tube because lasers aren’t very efficient.



Thank you for your time - it is much appreciated. So far, the positive community reviews check out.

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Beware of the bubbles… Mine just stopped working and I saw bubbles like that. My replacement will be here tomorrow. The good news is, I reported the issue last Thursday and it was shipped Monday night. Probably would have been sooner if not for the weekend. Hope that’s not it, but don’t worry, they’ll make it right!


That is very encouraging to hear. Thank you!

How are you shipping the old one back? Do they pick up or did you have to lug it up to Post Office?

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FedEx picked it up from my house this morning! :slight_smile: